What Indian brides are doing wrong? Tips for Indian wedding photos

wedding photography tips for Indian brides

Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

Whenever we meet with our prospective brides and grooms to be, we hear the one same thing. They all want their wedding moments to be captured in the most beautiful way. Everyone wants the best wedding photographs that’s why they research a lot and check a lot of amazing wedding photographer’s work online. We do get asked a lot for wedding photography tips for brides.

Some of them even present us with a check list of their favourite inspirational wedding photos. When someone entrusts us with their wedding, then it’s our responsibility to give them our best, photographs which they can keep forever as most memorable ones.

Is your job really done once you hire a photographer and can you go back to your home expecting to see those intimate wedding moments?
Unfortunately not always! You still need to create best circumstances so you won’t get disappointed with the wedding pictures. A good photographer will always deliver you the best pictures no matter what the situation is, but still there are some things you can do to help your wedding photographer to bring out the best of your big day. .


What could I do? This could be the first question that would pop up in your head. Although it does depend on your photographer’s skills to get the best photographs no matter what the light is, how about making your wedding venue lighting less challenging for the photographer so he can invest all of his energy into taking great amazing shots instead of fiddling with external lights.

If you are planning your wedding ceremony in the late evening. Please say a big NO to those red, blue or green coloured lights. These colours tend to kill the skin texture and flattens the whole image.

You would not want these lights to spoil your big day memories. Warm white lights are the best ones to employ followed by yellow lights. Plus your favourite yellow lehenga will actually look yellow in photos.

beautiful photograph of an Indian couple

( The above photo has been shot with external lighting)

But what if you have a special theme planned for your wedding functions which require coloured lighting?

Ask your venue manager/decorator to use those coloured lights on decorations, walls or anything but make sure they do not fall directly on guests faces. In any scenario, we always carry external lightings which help us bring out the natural colours and details but all of it comes at the cost of a little pace and some noticeable flashes.

Even in the dim lighting, you can get good sharp and punchy photos thanks to the external lighting. if you are looking for very soft photos with ambience, make sure you have sufficient, bright and even lighting across the venue.

In daylight events, try to set it up against the sun. If the light is too harsh, you can use off-white tents to diffuse the light so it does not fall directly on your face. Don’t let the sun ruin your photos by hiding behind you.

posed photograph of a Marathi couple kissing each other.

( The above photo has been shot with external lighting)


It’s really good to get clicked with your better half even if you hate conceptual posed photos. You might not want to get it done because you find pre wedding shoots too mainstream or maybe for you its just an additional headache to worry about and everyone else is doing the same. Maybe posing with your man in front of the camera is not your cup of tea. But then why should you get a pre wedding shoot done anyway? Let us tell you why.

Getting a pre wedding shoot done before your big day helps you to know your photographer better. Ask yourself, would you not want a sneak peek of yourself with him before the wedding day? Also, your photographer will get a better idea of your expectations and you don’t know how many ideas you will end up taking back home for your wedding day.

Save this day to get out of your comfort zone. It’s your chance to reconnect with each other and this time I don’t mean with the photographer. It would bring a significant difference in your photos if you use this day to melt all your camera shyness.


Plan your events/ceremonies in open wide space no matter how small ceremonies they are.
  • There should be enough room for the photographers to move around.
  • Try not to clutter your space with unnecessary things.
  • Stage Background could be a little darker than the stage foreground.
  • Discuss the ‘getting ready shoot’ with your make up artist and venue manager. Sometimes they just don’t like to cooperate with photographers.
  • Please inform your photographer about the correct time and venue for the ceremonies in advance.
  • Plan for your portraits and couple shoots in advance. Please make sure that you have enough time for the portrait session before or after the event.

So what now? Don’t be shy to ask wedding photography tips for brides. Talk to your photographer.

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Have a lovely wedding. Good Luck!

Close up make up photograph of Indian bride getting ready for her wedding

Yogesh Arora is an Indian wedding photographer and founder at Ticklish Blinks, based in Delhi. He is available to shoot weddings anywhere in India including destination wedding photography assignments in Goa, Kerala, Jaipur & Jodhpur. You may write to him at info@ticklishblinks.in


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