Should you go for wedding photography in Coronavirus? (2020)

wedding photography in coronavirus pandemic


You are planning to get married in 2020 but it has become difficult to plan because of the current pandemic. COVID-19 has forced people to cancel or postpone their wedding out of concern for their loved ones. There are restrictions put up by the government as well. Clearly, the choices available to couples during these difficult times is to either postpone their weddings or to scale them down in order to minimise the risks. Locking someone for your wedding photography in the Coronavirus pandemic is another struggle.


it would be advisable to postpone your wedding to a time when the number of cases starts dipping or  until the vaccine comes, which should probably be the year-end or early next year. It’s a long road but it also gives you enough time to prepare and, most importantly, it will give you peace of mind. Many of you may have already postponed your wedding. But how long can you wait?  Even if the vaccine comes out by early next year, It would take months for everyone to get vaccinated.

Is an intimate wedding with a single photographer the right answer to the pandemic?

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Some couples don’t have an option but to plan a small wedding with a limited guest list as most state governments have restricted gatherings of more than 100 people. There are also a lot of couples who have totally different reasons for choosing to get married in an intimate setting. They always wanted to have an intimate wedding on a small-scale, away from all the hustle and bustle. We have met a lot of couples in recent years who never wanted a long list of guests, but only their loved ones to be a part of their big day. Most of them had to forego their idea of an intimate wedding either because of their family or the social pressure. This current situation actually gives them an opportunity to plan a wedding and avoid falling into the ongoing social trap. As a bonus, they can also avoid breaking their bank.

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You have planned everything, finalised the location, made a list of your close family and friends to be invited. You must have done all the maths to reduce the number of vendors.  What would you do about wedding photography in Coronavirus pandemic? Would you rely on your family or friends to take all the pictures instead of hiring a professional wedding photographer? Honestly, we don’t think it’s the worst idea. It would have sounded silly to us if someone has said it before this pandemic. Earlier we would have advised against asking your ‘hobbyist’ photographer to capture your big day. But things have clearly changed. However, there are certain things to keep in mind if you are planning to have your friend make up for an actual wedding photographer.

1) Your friend is not immune to infection so all the safety precautions must not be taken lightly.

2) Lower your expectations. We are not judging your friend’s photography skills. They might be really good at it but wedding photography has its own challenges. Don’t expect your wedding photographs to come out at par with other wedding pictures you have been pinning on Instagram. No matter how talented your photographer friend is, they are still a ‘guest’. They may not be able to devote all their time to capturing those perfect Kodak moments. They gotta party too!

3) It would be wise to make things less challenging. Your friend probably would not be carrying any lights along to make up for the dim theme lighting set-up. You can help him by making things easier for him. If you want some tips, here are some suggestions to get the best out of your wedding photographer.

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If the first option of getting your friend or family member to shoot your wedding does not seem practical to you, than hiring a single photographer is another option you can consider. A small gathering doesn’t require a big team anyway. You may have to invest a little more time in finding the photographer who can shoot the entire wedding single-handedly.

Instead of booking a large team to cover your wedding, you can minimize the risk by hiring just one photographer who can capture all the candid moments from a safe distance.


A global emergency like this has made us all reflect on what really matters: love, family and connecting with others. COVID-19 has thrown many hardships at us, but we continue to hold on to what important to us. Ticklish Blinks strives to capture those moments, to create memories that can be shared when we are finally able to meet and connect with our loved ones posed by the Coronavirus. At Ticklish Blinks we are taking all the precautions to minimize the risk. We have cooperated with our couples to post-pone weddings, or even cancel them in some cases.

Safety Precautions We are following all the safety guidelines. We are using  only our in-house team, trained to follow all necessary safety precautions including frequent sanitization of  camera equipments. 

Selective Weddings We are doing very few selective weddings with a very small team. We have suggested our prospective clients to hire an experienced single candid photographer. Our one man/woman photography team has specialized expertise in capturing natural candid moments  to couple portraits, decor, and getting ready shoots. You won’t miss a thing! 

Live Webcast  You won’t have to worry about your loved ones missing your wedding. At Ticklish Blinks you will have the option to webcast your wedding on Zoom or Google Meet for your guests only COVID-19

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We have modified our cancellation policy to accommodate the uncertainty this pandemic has brought upon couples planning to get married. To give you more flexibility, we are allowing cancellations for upto two weeks before the wedding. We are making two options available to our clients.

  •  In case you postpone your wedding. we will block the new date for you. Any change in costs will be adjusted accordingly. This policy is subject to date availability. 


  • You can get the booking amount refunded to you. A small cancellation fee will still be charged to avoid unfair bookings.

So what now?  Talk to your friend or find a professional for your wedding  photography in this coronavirus pandemic who can help you plan a safe wedding in 2020.

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Have a safe wedding. Good Luck!

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Yogesh Arora is an Indian wedding photographer and founder at Ticklish Blinks, based in Delhi. He is available to shoot weddings anywhere in India including destination wedding photography assignments in Goa, Kerala, Jaipur & Jodhpur. You may write to him at


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